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2-Nov Nong Khai Vientiane 27
5-Nov Vientiane Ban Nasangleck 58
6-Nov Ban Nasangleck Thalat 32
7-Nov Ban Thalat Nam Lik Eco Village 30
8-Nov Nam Lik Eco Village Ban Namon 63
9-Nov Ban Namon Vang Vieng 28
12-Nov Vang Vieng Kasi 53
13-Nov Kasi Namkene 20
14-Nov Namkene Phou Khoun 25
17-Nov Phou Khoun Kiu Kacham 55
18-Nov Kiu Kacham Luang Prabang 78
21-Nov Luang Prabang Somsanouk 32
22-Nov Somsanouk Paong 80
23-Nov Paong Ban Nammiang* 46
24-Nov Ban Nammiang Muang La 62
25-Nov Muang La Muang Khua 73
26-Nov Muang Khua Muang Mai 38
27-Nov Muang Mai border 21
27-Nov border Dien Bien Phu 44
30-Nov Dien Bien Phu Tuan Giao 78
1-Dec Tuan Giao Muong Giang 51
2-Dec Muong Giang Muong Gion 40
3-Dec Muong Gion Muong Kim 50
4-Dec Muong Kim Ban Po 60
5-Dec Ban Po Sapa 44
8-Dec Sapa Pho Rang (Bao Yen) 108
9-Dec Pho Rang Viet Quang 68
10-Dec Viet Quang Na Hang 88
11-Dec Na Hang Da Vi 35
13-Dec Ba Be Na Phac 44
14-Dec Na Phac Yen Lac 66
15-Dec Yen Lac Binh Gia 67
23-Dec Binh Gia Lang Son 74
24-Dec Lang Son Tien Yen 94
25-Dec Tien Yen Cam Pha 51
26-Dec Cam Pha Tuan Chau Island 45
27-Dec Tuan Chau Island Cat Ba Town 22
30-Dec Cat Ba Town Thai Binh 71
31-Dec Thai Binh Ninh Binh 49
1-Jan Ninh Binh Phat Diem 47
2-Jan Phat Diem Thanh Hoa 53
3-Jan Thanh Hoa  Giat 80
4-Jan Giat Vinh 60
5-Jan Vinh Vio 91
6-Jan Vio Dong Hoi 116
7-Jan Dong Hoi Cua Tung 77
9-Jan Cua Tung Quang Tri 41
10-Jan Quang Tri Hue 49
12-Jan Hue   4
15-Jan Hue Lang Co 95
16-Jan Lang Co Hoi An 71
17-Jan Hoi An   3
18-Jan Hoi An   2
19-Jan Hoi An Dung Quat 86
20-Jan Dung Quat Quang Ngai 51
21-Jan Quang Ngai Hoai Nhon 77
22-Jan Hoai Nhon Binh Dinh 74
23-Jan Binh Dinh Song Cau 65
24-Jan Song Cau Dai Lanh 89
25-Jan Dai Lanh Nha Trang 83
28-Jan Nha Trang Cam Ranh 65
29-Jan Cam Ranh Tay Son 59
30-Jan Tay Son Dalat 71
2-Feb Dalat Di Linh 77
3-Feb Di Linh Phuong Lam 93
4-Feb Phuong Lam Dau Giay 63
5-Feb Dau Giay Ho Chi Minh City 90
6-Feb Ho Chi Minh City   5
8-Feb Ho Chi Minh City   5
9-Feb Ho Chi Minh City   10
10-Feb Ho Chi Minh City Go Cong 63
11-Feb Go Cong Ben Tre 71
12-Feb Ben Tre Ben Luc 61
13-Feb Ben Luc Go Dau 61
14-Feb Go Dau border 11
14-Feb border Svay Rieng 50
15-Feb Svay Rieng Neak Leuong 63
16-Feb Neak Leuong Phnom Penh 63
17-Feb Phnom Penh   11
19-Feb Phnom Penh Skun 74
20-Feb Skun Kampong Thom 90
21-Feb Kampong Thom Kampong Kdei 87
22-Feb Kampong Kdei Siem Reap 62
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