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Biking Czech Republic

Exchange rate: Rand 1 (R1) = Czech Koruna (crown) 1.16kč (1.16 CZK)

4 July 2023, Jičín, 66.81km
Kemp Rumcajs 440kč [R365]

Take a quiet country road. Have it climb a little leaving Chełmsko Śląskie, then drop gently for 8.5km to the Czech border. Have it meander through forest and farm and tiny hamlets vying to be cutest, where even the bus stops are decorated with real flowers blooming cerise. For the last km, make it narrow dirt and ban cars and motorbikes from using it. Place two cyclists on it and what do you get? Two happy cyclists!
At our first Czech village, we were pleased to encounter a sense of humour (take a close look at the hay bale photo) and were almost immediately conscious that Czechs are less reserved than Poles, more eager to greet and engage.
In Trutnov, about 10km from the border, we drew cash (always a relief to find our card works in a new country*) then allowed ourselves to be distracted, despite the long distance and hills lying in wait for us, by its lovely old town.
*We must accustom ourselves to converting to Czech Koruna (crown) at R1 = 1.16kč as opposed to the Polish Złoty at R1 = 0.22zł.
We rode route 16 from Trutnov to Jičín where we are spending the night in a room at Kemp Rumcajs. It was a stunning ride, with only the last 20km of over 60 being busy. For this latter distance, however, we were provided with either a cycle path or shoulder, bringing us stress-free to yet another pretty town and a cheap dinner at the local Chinese.
Dragons seem to be a thing here...
Something I have not mentioned before...
In the woods of Poland, seed pods from maple trees "helicopter" away from the parent tree; and unknown featherweight seed pods drift into one's face; as do lots of miniature bugs. Charl has on occasion asked me to "check my eyes for livestock, dead or alive".
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