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I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more. - Thomas Jefferson

9 September 2019, Douala
Jet Hotel 20,000CFA (R500)  

We spent our last day in Cameroon preparing the bikes and baggage for our short flight to Cotonou, Benin. Drawing some cash, and visiting markets, looking for plastic in which to wrap the bikes.
Impossible to describe the mania of the streets near the markets. The stalls spill onto the roads, reducing their width. Vendors hawk food and clothes and household goods: peanuts and fish, jeans and shoes, plastic buckets and used fridges. Pedestrians weave their way between the stalls; traffic weaves its way through potholes, avoiding pedestrians and stop-start taxis, cars, of course, but mainly autocycles. Umbrellas cover what they can, anticipating rain. Muddy oil and oily mud lies on the roads and the sidewalks.

Punctures 0
Bribes paid 0 (1 requested)
Cycle tourers met 0
Total kms 517.5

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