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29 January 2019, Viljoenskroon to Bothaville, 42.8km
Elgro Hotel R350

Overcast and cool - how cool is that!
Despite a “burning ring of fire”, and having to lower myself with an infinite tenderness into my saddle, today’s was a great ride. Manageable terrain, manageable potholes, polite traffic and a long downhill run to the Elgro on the outskirts of Bothaville. Only one sour note: a lone rural pedestrian, cutting through the veld, aimed a double-barrelled finger “gun” at Charl, took aim and fired. Racial tensions below the surface made visible...
Otherwise we saw: An inquisitive raptor following my progress by flying from one telephone pole to the next beside me; one young horse, curious and alert; a herd of brown cows with yellow eartags, turning en masse to run beside the fence in the direction I was cycling; and luminescent orange weavers hip hopping on the roadside, bright and lovely. Also some roadkill - always distressing: today several birds and a gannet.
Charl’s ball bearings held up from their gerrymandered repair yesterday, but his new bike stand scrapes his back wheel or pedal and, if adjusted, stops his gears from changing. Oh dear!
Bothaville is known for the annual Nampo agricultural show, and perhaps for its Spur franchise!

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Viljoenskroon to Bothaville
Viljoenskroon to Bothaville
Viljoenskroon to Bothaville
Viljoenskroon to Bothaville
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